Horse Saddle Buying Guide

Horse Saddle Buying Guide with Size Charts: Finding The Perfect Fit For Yourself!

The right saddle can be found eventually, but the process to find the correct one is difficult. The measurements are supposed to be taken properly so that the saddle is right for your horse as well as you. The horse has different measurements that are important for the decision of the saddles, for example, his body structure overall and the back length, the withers. The rider has to choose if he wants a Western saddle or an English one. To get the measurements of the rider the seat size can be judged by the leg length and the weight.

Sizing of the Ideal Saddle: Measuring the Withers of your Horse

The measurement part is not tough at all and this is what is needed for it: paper, marker, and wire.

What are the steps:

  • Firstly, the wire needs to be bent over the horse’s withers, furthermore, the wire has to settle 2 inches at the back of the shoulder blade of the horse.
  • Because the wire is bent, it has to be removed in a manner that the shape remains how it is.
  • The paper has to be traced around the wire.
  • If the horse is huge, more papers can be used. This will also give you the gullet measurement.
  • Each saddle has a particular gullet size, which will help find the most suitable saddle.

Back Length Measurement:

  • The saddle has to be appropriate in length and it cannot be insufficient for the back of the horse.
  • A saddle that is made for the average horse will be a standard size. There is a chance that there will be shorter backs of horses at times and shorter back dimensions will be present.
  • The last rib bone is where the withers must be measured from.
  • If the saddle is longer than the back of the horse then the horse will constantly be in pain while it is walking.

Body Structure of the Horse: Gullet Size & Body Type

Gullet SizeBody Type
5” – 5.5”Pony
6″Narrow Build
6.5″Average Build
7″Wide Build
8″Draft Horse

Wither measurements and your horse’s body structure are both important in determining which saddle is ideal for the horse.

Rider’s Weight & Saddle Sizing

When it comes to choosing your own saddle size, it is better to decide between two routes. The first way is to measure by the weight of the structure of your body if you are the rider.

Western Saddle: Finding The Right Seat Size For You

Rider WeightSeat Size
90 – 130 lbs15″
131 – 190 lbs16”
190 – 240 lbs17”
240 + lbs18”

English Saddle: Finding The Right Seat Size For You

Rider WeightSeat Size
90 lbs15″
90 – 130 lbs16”
130 – 175 lbs17”
175 – 225 lbs18”
225 + lbs19”

Rider’s Leg Length & Saddle Sizing

Your leg length is also important in measuring the correct size of the saddle. Your hip joint is measured down to the knee. In order to ensure that the measurement does not go wrong it is better to lie down on your back on a chair, your feet need to be on the ground flat, then the measurement needs to be done from hip to knee. Then when the leg dimension is there you can see the diagram and see what chair size and seat size will match you in a saddle.

Western Saddle Leg Length Chart

Rider Leg LengthSeat Size
16.5 inches or less13”
16.5 – 18.5”14”
18.5 – 20”15”
20 – 23”16”
23 – 25”17”
25” +18”

English Saddle Leg Length Chart

Rider Leg LengthSeat Size
16.5 Inches or less15”
16.5 – 18.5”16”
18.5 – 21.5”17”
21.5 – 23”18”
23” +19”

Appropriate Saddle Fitting For Your Horse

The foremost thing is to see that the gullet is the right size for the horse. The saddle needs to be put on your horse with no blanket. Furthermore, one must be able to see straight through the saddle from the withers. If that is not the case, then the saddle is not the right size. When you go in front of the gullet, near the horn then put your fingers inside in a vertical way. At least three fingers should be fitting in the saddle, if more fingers are going in then it is not the right size.

Proper Saddle Fitting For the Rider

The style will influence the saddle immensely.


When it comes to the western style, you should attach the saddle to the horse, and then you have to settle down in the saddle and see. When you ride, it must be obvious that your four fingers should be fitting in between the thigh and the swell. If more than four fingers are fitting, surely the saddle is not good enough in size and in fact is huge. If three fingers are not going in, it is too small.


Furthermore when the style is English then the saddle should be attached to the horse and the saddle should be sat upon. When the rider rides the horse, 4 fingers between the backside and the cantle must go in. It is too small if you cannot put four fingers in. Your saddle is too big if your entire hand can fit between your cantle and your backside.

The sizing charts given above are going to assist you in all major ways. The horse should be at comfort and that is the priority even before the rider’s comfort therefore the size chart should surely be consulted. The saddles that we have will surely prove to be a hit amongst you and your hard-working horse who is doing wonders with you!

When it comes to clothes and our shoes we need the perfect fit, therefore a saddle is like clothes for the horse and should be treated as such. The size will be chosen once and for years it will give support to the rider and the horse. This will surely be a long-term investment and will last for a long time with a guarantee.