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You would first need to determine what sort of western riding you plan to do while shopping for a Western Saddle. Western saddles are classified by their intended purpose, the materials they are crafted from, the process used to build the saddle, varieties of trees, and more. Concerning tooling or stamping, paint options, leather forms, rigging position, horn styles, and cantle height are additional things to look at when buying a Western Saddles For Horses.

No matter what type of product you want, has an A-Z variety of Western Saddles and the world’s best-branded goods ranging from pleasure riding to high-end to budget-friendly, thus ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Types of Western Saddles We Deal In:

Flexible Tree Saddles — Feeling worried about the comfort of your beloved pony? Shop Flexible Western Tree Saddles from us. These saddles have engineered with a stiff fork and cantilever, but with bars made of flexible plastic that allows the tree to keep moving with your horse, thus ensuring freedom of movement for the horse. In addition, they are super lightweight and provide close contact with your horse, which makes them a nice choice for trail or pleasure ride as well.

Ranch Saddles

The Ranch saddle a heavyweight, durable saddle built to provide comfort and versatility for longer periods of riding. Features seen on the Ranch Saddle include a deep seat with a high cantilever for comfort, thick horns with a horn wrap, and low swells and tall. This type of saddle is best suited to those looking for a robust and high-working saddle.

Pleasure Saddles

Trail, or Pleasure, saddles are lightweight and normally come with a padded seat for your travel comfort. The fenders on this saddle are designed to hold you in a proper riding posture, which is vital for long rides. Trail saddles are also used in combination with a breast collar to prevent the saddle from falling back on steep climbs and can come with saddle cords to strap on your trail gear.

Roping Saddles

This saddle category is engineered well to used in roping events. Buying a quality roper saddle from ensures the rider gets maximum freedom of movement so you can easily hunt, rope, and ride. Roping saddles typically have rough or suede seats to avoid falling. Other common features include short, rounded forks, tall, broad horns, full double rigging, and roper stirrups hanging further forward than on pleasure saddles

Cutting Saddles

If you intend to engage in a cutting event, Cutting Saddle makes an ideal purchase decision. Built to keep you balanced and out of the horse’s way, this saddle can be used for penning and reining.

Reining Saddles

Reining saddles are designed to compete for reining events. Its forward hanging straps are designed to hold you back and deep. This saddle also helps to maintain you in a well-balanced posture while allowing close contact to convey gestures to the horse.

Barrel Racing Saddles

Barrel Racing saddles are typically thin, lightweight, and built to have optimum maneuverability. This saddle seat secures you well during sharp turns and sprints. Shop barrel racing saddles at the best price guaranteed and perform well in gaming events!

Endurance Saddles

We have the finest range of Endurance Saddles that are best to be used for endurance events that cover up to 100 miles a day with horse riding over rugged and steep terrains. Our secure, durable and lightweight saddles are a must to perform in these very challenging competitions.

Show Saddles

MyHorseSaddles is stockpiled with the most modern and prestigious collection of Show Saddles. Here you will beautifully crafted show saddles polished and embellished to the highest standards of excellence!

Pony Saddles

Shop small 12-inch seats for Welsh, Shetland, or any other pony breed. Designed to be delicate on the pony’s body and comfortable to the rider, you will find a huge variety of pony saddles here.

Children Saddles

We have seats ranging from 12 to 13 inches for kids’ horse riding. Have a horse riding club for children? Shop children saddle from our online store and make sure children have a delightful ride on the horses.

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An A-grade Western Saddle saddle facilitates natural freedom of mobility for the horse and also helps the rider to find the best and more efficient riding position for different riding disciplines. Order the best Western saddles from MyHorseSaddles with quick delivery on your doorsteps!